Model District MPs learnt from their German colleagues

Monday, May 15, 2017 - 12:30

USAID RADA organized a study visit to Germany for MPs, who participate in the Model District Project. On May 8th – 13th, Igor Guz, Pavlo Rizanenko and Oleksandr Chernenko with their aides visited Germany to exchange experience with their colleagues from Bundestag. During the study visit they spent time in Bundestag members’ constituencies, where observed their work with voters. Also, they met local communities, CSOs, businesses.

MP Pavlo Rizanenko from the Committee on Finance and Banking, visited constituency of MP Dr. Christoph Bergner, from Committee on the Affairs of the European Union.

And MPs Igor Guz, who represent the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and MP Oleksandr Chernenko, from the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice were hosted by Member of the Bundestag Hartmut Koschyk.

So Pavlo Rizanenko stayed in Halle (Saale). Where he observed how D. Bergner works with his voters.

He also met with with a local sports association, the biggest sports union in Saxony-Anhalt, disputed with Mr. Prof. Dr. Oliver Holtemöller, the vice president of the Leibnitz-Institute for Economic Research (IWH), and met representatives of local businesses at the Chamber of Commerce. As well, Mr. Rizanenko met Saxony-Anhalt federal land parliament to see how MPs from Bundestag work with local authorities.

MPs Igor Guz and Oleksandr Chernenko spent their study visit in Bayreuth with Hartmut Koschyk.

They observed how German MP works at the constituency and had a lecture by the CSU federal election district director Sebastian Machnitzke in the office. Also, they stayed during the meeting of Mr. Koshyk and business association and the credit union. As well, they met with scientists form local university.

Very soon Model District MPs will share experience with their Ukrainian colleagues in the Verkhovna Rada.