MP Iehor Soboliev informed about illegal nomination for NABU auditor

Thu, 16/03/2017 - 17:30

On March 16th, some members of the VR Committee on Preventing and Countering Corruption, who represent BPP Block, National Front and Renaissance factions recommended 2 nominees for the post of National Anti-Corruption Bureau. 12 members of the VR Anti-corruption Committee voted in favor of this decision and 1 abstained. MP Yuriy Savchuk, of People’s Front faction, was elected to be the Head of the sitting and Igor Artyushenko, of BPP faction, was a Secretary.

The first nominee is Nigel Brown, who is called to be a “person of the President”. Nigel Brown, whose nomination is supported by BPP and People’s Front faction, has already been criticized by NABU. MP Iehor Soboliev claims that Nigel Brown has worked for Russian oligarchs in the past.

 The second nominee is Robert Storch, whose nomination was previously supported unanimously by the Committee in February.  MP Iehor Soboliev suspects that MPs left him in the list of nominees just formally.

The Head of the Anti-corruption Committee Iehor Soboliev calls the sitting of the Committee on March 16th to be illegal. (The regular sitting was scheduled to be held on March 17th, as all the Committee members were informed.) He explains that BPP, People’s Front, Renaissance and Opposition Block want to vote for the Brown’s nomination during the plenary sitting on March 16th, therefore they speeded up the decision making process.

As it was previously reported, BPP and People’s front factions try to replace the Head of NABU. But they can do so only after audit.

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