Parliamentary highlights: April 5

Thu, 05/04/2018 - 18:45

Consideration of the bills:

In the first reading adopted: bill No. 6642 regarding the registration of documents of religious organizations (231 votes), bill No. 7010 on changes to the Customs Code (231 votes), bill No. 8015 on the investment attractiveness of the construction of renewable energy facilities (233 votes), bill No. 6473 on military service contract (231 votes), bill No. 7550 on a distribution of positions of Committee heads based on the d'Hondt method by a total of 241 votes in favor, bill No. 6256 on the central executive authorities on the optimization of the work of the Verkhovna Rada Committees and unification the areas of Committee's competence with the competence of the relevant ministries passed with 229 votes in favor, bill No. 8068 "On the National Security of Ukraine" in the first reading with a support of 265 votes in favor.

In the first and final readings:

Bill No. 8111 the resolution "On the Appeal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the International Community on the Inadmissibility of Construction of the Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline and Russian Federation's Monopoly in the World Gas Markets (266 votes), bill No.  0163 on Ratification of the Guarantee Agreement between Ukraine and IBRD on Access to Long-Term Finance Project (248 votes), bill No. 7330 on defense issues (236 votes)

In the second and final readings: bill No. 6052 on an improvement of military service (231 votes), bill No. 7322 on Diplomatic Service in the second and final readings with a total of 276 votes.

Signal voting to see the support of bill No. 0170 on the ratification of the Trade Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand showed there are not enough of votes for the bill.

Rejected: bill No. 6474 on service in the military reserve during the special period.

It is important to stress the Chairman announced the bill rejected after MPs failed to pass it in the first reading or send it to the Committee for revision. He should also offer to MPs to vote for sending the bill for the revision to the subject of legislative initiative, not to mention the third option mentioned in the Rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada, Article 114, Point 4: “Publish the draft law in the print media specified by the Verkhovna Rada for public debate, subsequently revise it in Compliance with the results of the debate, and submit it for a Repeat first reading” (which he never does). And only after that, the bill may be considered as rejected. Some MPs screamed from the hall that the bill cannot be rejected like this, however, the Chairman broke the Rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada.  

At the morning sitting Radical Party and “Samopomich” Union faction asked for a break and replaced it with a speech. MP from the Radical Party Ihor Mosiychuk from the rostrum informed that the investigation on a terrorist act, where he was injured, is over. He said that the initiator of this terrorist act was a coordinator of the Russian intelligence service and urged for his extradition.

Earlier on October 25, 2017, Ihor Mosiychuk was injured in an explosion nearly the Espreso television channel in Kyiv. This explosion was named as a terrorist act. Later on October 31, 2017, Amina Okueva, his assistant in the past and wife of the son of a high-ranking official Mr. Osmaev, who fled Chechnya, was killed near Kiev.

During the evening sitting Batkivshchyna faction and “Samopomich” Union faction asked for a break and replaced it with a speech expressing the need of consideration of bill regarding lands and export of oil crops (#7403-2), mentioning protests that take place in Kyiv and saying that 22 members of the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations and other factions support the bill. There were 2 failed attempts to start a discussion on the bill, there were not enough of votes.