Wed, 30/06/2021 - 18:00

In the first reading: bill #4594 to expand the powers of parking inspectors to protect the interests of persons with disabilities (289); bill #3356-ะด on the mandatory use of liquid biofuels (bio components) in the field of transport (293); bill #5542-1 to ensure the stability of the deposit guarantee system for individuals (235); bill #4554 to bring the legislation of Ukraine in the field of baby food in line with the requirements of EU legislation (332); bill #5141 on guarantees of the rights of Ukrainian and foreign investors (314).

In the second and final readings: bill #2289 on the import of pesticides into the customs territory of Ukraine (291); bill #4367 on improving the organization of corporate governance in banks and other issues of the banking system (279); bill #4546 to improve the mechanisms for withdrawing banks from the market and meet the requirements of creditors of these banks (256); bill #4547 concerning the peculiarities of the acquisition by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of individuals of the status of a civil plaintiff (274); bill #4578-1 on certain issues of connection to the gas transmission or gas distribution system (261); bill #4364 about payment services (241).

As final: draft resolution #5632 on the annual report of the Temporary Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Protection of Investors' Rights (317).