USAID RADA Program held roundtable about about an hour of questions to the Government as an instrument of parliamentary control

Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 15:15

USAID RADA Program organized a public discussion on "Hour of questions to the Government as a tool of parliamentary control" on October 13.

The discussion covered:

- the problems of implementation of the current toolkit "Hours of Questions to the Government"

- "Hour" or "day" of questions to the Government?

International experience of "hours of questions to the Government".

Members of the Working Group on Parliamentary reform, the staff of the VR Secretariat, experts, lawyers, civil society, and journalists participated in the roundtable.

USAID RADA Program promotes and speeds up the full introduction of Parliamentary Reform in order to bring Verkhovna Rada to international standards of parliamentary affairs. USAID RADA Program has launched a series of experts discussions on Parliamentary Reform (based on European Parliament Missions’ Recommendations in March 2016).