USAID RADA Program jointly with the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine organized a discussion on public consultations as part of the legislative process

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 16:30

To find out the opinions of the key stakeholders on holding public consultations as an integral part of the legislative process, the USAID RADA Program, together with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Project Coordinator in Ukraine, conducted, on May 25, a round table “Public Consultations as Part of the Legislative Process.”

At the event, the following issues were discussed:

  1. introduction of public consultations as a mandatory part of lawmaking;
  2. legal regulation of public consultations:

as part of Regulations of relevant institutions?

as a separate Law?

as part of a Law “On Laws and Legislative Activity”?

  1. the specifics of (capacity for) holding public consultations by holders of the right to legislative initiative.

For the roundtable, the USAID RADA Program prepared an analytical note “Public Consultations in the Legislative Process,” aiming to initiate debates and discussions to articulate the positions of various stakeholders and develop recommendations.

Based on the results of the roundtable, the USAID RADA Program started working on an analytical document collecting all approaches and recommendations concerning public consultations that were voiced during the discussion. It is planned that the roundtable conclusions will subsequently be distributed among the Ukrainian MPs, Ministries, reform offices, international organizations, and parliamentary service employees.

The conclusions will become part of the Green Paper on improving the lawmaking and law adoption processes.