USAID RADA Program organized a coordination meeting prior to the next parliamentary session

Monday, February 5, 2018 - 17:00

USAID RADA Program supports Verkhovna Rada to participate actively in the development and implementation of reforms. USAID RADA Program held a coordination meeting of the Secretariat with international technical assistance projects before the start of the next legislative session to discuss on January 31. MPs from different factions provided the latest information on Ukraine’s reform process. During the discussion, representatives of Ukrainian think-tank Razumkov Center presented a research “Political culture and parliamentarism in Ukraine: Current status and main problems”. Around 60 representatives of donor organizations, embassies, NGOs, VR Secretariat came to discuss plans prior to the next parliamentary session. USAID RADA Program make International Parliamentary Technical Assistance Coordination Meeting to discuss current news.

During a coordination meeting, Director, Sociological service of the Razumkov Center Andriy Bichenko and Yuriy Yakimenko, Deputy Director General, Director of Political and Legal Programmes of the Razumkov Center, had presented the study "Political Culture and Parliamentarism in Ukraine: Current Status and Main Problems".

The study notes that most citizens are not very interested in politics (60% of respondents), but most people think that they should have interest of politics (72%). In addition, most respondents said that they had never read programs of political parties (56%) and, most citizens (68%), schools do not provide enough knowledge about the political system. These indexes are the result of recent surveys conducted by the Razumkov Center and illustrating the urgent need for re-evaluation and modernization of civic education, promoting the positive aspects of the work of the parliament and the leverage of public influence on the regulation of these processes. According to experts, realization of this influence is possible through the prism of the activities of various public organizations and the emphasis of the public on the results of studies and expert assessments.

The research also showed that 48.9% of the deputies are well aware of USAID RADA Program, which is being implemented by East Europe Foundation, while 22.2% of the respondents said that the activities of the Program help them in their work.