USAID RADA Program supports MPs to interact effectively with constituencies

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 15:15

USAID RADA Program jointly with Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized a meeting and a discussion to share the best German practices on MPs work in constituencies on July 13. MPs, the staff of the Verkhovna Rada Secretariats, CSOs, and parliamentary journalists participated in the event.

“USAID RADA Program within the framework of the Model District project improves communication between competitively selected MPs and voters,” Ihor Kogut, USAID RADA Program Chief of Party said, “we obtained tremendous experience of interaction with local NGOs, business, and the media in recent years. We are constantly looking for the best international practices”.

Kogut added that the USAID RADA Program noticed Dr. Michael Kolkmann's speech at TEDx and realized that we want to bring him to Ukraine.

Dr. Michael Kolkmann, a professor at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, an expert on parliamentarianism, party and political systems and connection with voters made a presentation “Effective work of MPs in constituencies and communication with the voters. International best practices and lessons learned”.

“All MPs are working in districts in Germany. They spend half a year in constituencies,” Dr. Kolkmann said, “MPs in the districts perform the most important function - representative - the representation of the interests of voters in the Parliament, on the basis of which then the laws are adopted”.