VR holds the Government Hour

Fri, 19/10/2018 - 15:00

A total of 336 MPs registered in the sitting hall. Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy informed that the members of the Cabinet of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, are taking part in the plenary session.

Before the Government Hour started, there were 2 requests for a break from the Opposition Bloc faction and Vidrodzhennia ("Renaissance") deputy group and from Petro Poroshenko Bloc (BPP) faction and People’s Front faction. In the first speech, Opposition Bloc and Vidrodzhennia raised the issue on the dismissal of Acting Health Minister Uliana Suprun. In the second speech, BPP and People’s Front faction informed about the problem with the voluntary amalgamation of the communities of villages, namely the village of Lomachyntsi, Chernivtsi Oblast.

First deputy minister at Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Maksym Nefyodov delivered a speech on privatization.

Issues raised by the representatives of factions and groups: 

Vidrodzhennia ("Renaissance") deputy group: providing insulin to patients with diabetes (answered Suprun).

Opposition Bloc faction: State Budget 2019 and allocation of funds for subsidies (answered Groysman).

Volia Narodu (“Will of the People”) parliamentary group: arrears of wages to miners, allocation by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health in the State Budget 2019 grants for internally displaced persons (answered Groysman).

Batkivshchyna faction: providing insulin to patients with diabetes (answered Suprun).

Radical Party faction: the problem of registration of subsidies (answered Groysman).

People’s Front faction: the problem of increasing coal mining (answered Groysman).

Petro Poroshenko Bloc (BPP) faction: support for national producer and carrier and provision of rail services (answered Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian).

“Samopomich” Union faction: the problem of public broadcasting (answered Groysman).

Questions raised by MPs: 

Independent MP: blocking the transfer of agricultural land, lack of funds for insulin in Volyn Oblast (answered Groysman).

People’s Front faction (2 questions): provision of insulin in Kharkiv (answered Suprun), lack of roads in rural areas (answered Omelian).

Radical Party faction: adoption of an industrial package of reforms (answered Groysman).

Vidrodzhennia ("Renaissance") deputy group: raising rates for freight traffic (answered Omelian).

BPP (2 questions): the building of a house for the military in Berdychiv, Zhytomyr Oblast (answered Groysman and Deputy Defense Minister Ihor Pavlovsky), the absence of a criminal case concerning the murder of Alexander Zakharchenko, former leader of Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine (answered Groysman).

15 questions were asked: 3 of them answered Suprun, also 3 questions answered Omelian; 1 question answered Pavlovsky together with Groysman; 8 of them answered Groysman. 

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