Green paper "How to Ensure Legislative Quality?"

The Green Paper is a document analyzing state policies which is meant to initiate discussion of a certain problem among the stakeholders.

The key participants in the legislative process (MPs, Government representatives, employees of the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine), and also judges applying legislation in practice have repeatedly articulated the problem of low quality of legislation. The USAID RADA Program has developed a Green Paper to clarify this problem as well as to look for possible ways to address it for continued discussion of legislative process quality among the interested parties. The outcome of the discussion should consist in achieving a consensus on ways to improve the quality of laws, followed by real steps to ensure its implementation.

The Green Paper were presented on the public consultation with stakeholders conducted by USAID RADA Program on January, 21,2018. According to the results of this consultation stakeholders` proposition were included in Green Paper by USAID RADA Program`s experts.

The Green Paper analyzes, from the legal and functional viewpoints, the concept of legislative quality and the factors underlying the problem and causing its development and aggravation. Moreover, the document presents recommendations from various stakeholders on ways to eliminate the causes of the problem.

We emphasize that the Green Paper is aimed not to provide a “one and only” solution to the problem but to initiate discussion on legislative quality leading to subsequent work to address the issue.

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